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SMITHEN Law, Child & Family Advocacy is a Toronto-based family law boutique firm that offers unparalleled service. We represent and advise clients in all areas of family law. Some of the issues we tackle daily for our clients are custody & access, child and spousal support, child protection, mobility, jurisdictional & cross-border family law issues, restraining orders, domestic contracts (cohabitation, pre-nuptial and separation agreements), exclusive possession of matrimonial homes, equalization and division of property.


If there is a pressing family law issue in your life, we’re available to help you.


We act for parents and other family law players in mediation, negotiation and in the courts. Our firm is frequently recommended by other lawyers (including opposing counsel in matters in which we’ve already worked), lawyers’ rating web sites, women’s shelters, court staff, police officers and especially former clients.


Family law is the whole focus of the work we do. We practice it, write about it and speak about it every chance we get. We work hard at putting our compassion, experience and knowledge into everything we do for you and your family.


We understand that you’re looking for a legal team with the ability to deliver exceptional advocacy. We know alternative ways to resolve disputes. While we work regularly in mediation and arbitration, we also have significant motion and trial experience. We regularly represent family law clients in multiple locations of the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice in and around the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.


Powerful, persuasive and passionate advocacy is the cornerstone of our law firm.

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We pride ourselves in resolving family law disputes quickly and cost-effectively. Most often that means not using court resources. It is, however, our court room experience that gives us perspective in moving matters forward in a sensible manner whether that’s through negotiation, mediation/arbitration or litigation. No matter what the forum, we rely on our powerful, persuasive and passionate advocacy in getting you the results you need to move forward in a spousal relationship or move on with your life after the breakdown of a marriage.


Family law frequently overlaps with other areas including business, criminal, immigration, estate, tax and trust law. We are always working with other lawyers who have this expertise as well as accountants, business valuators, mediators, parenting coordinators, psychologists, psychiatrists, real estate appraisers and addiction counsellors. If your case has one of these issues involved, we know where to get the necessary information to help you make informed decisions.


Whatever your family law challenge may be, we realize that it is the most pressing and important thing in your life. Simple or complex, we are here to enthusiastically serve you. If you’re involved in a child protection proceeding, we’ll help you put together a comprehensive plan to help you try to persuade a judge to return your children.

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Kathryn L. Smithen

Kathy is a powerful advocate who strategically advocates for her clients in Ontario courts. She has also promoted her clients’ claims in private mediation and arbitration before some of this country’s most respected arbitrators. She is as persuasive on her feet in court, mediation and/or arbitration as she is in making compelling submissions for her clients in writing.


She provides a flexible, individualized approach to the cases she takes on, tailored to the specific needs of each family.


Kathy is fair, detail-oriented and fiercely loyal to her clients. She is devoted to improving and applying the law as it relates to families and children in Ontario.


She is particularly passionate about representing women who have been victims of domestic and/or sexual assault. She is committed to using her skills as a family lawyer to help them, and their children, find safety, stability and financial resources to build new lives free from violence. She works frequently with women’s shelters and other stakeholders to help keep women – and their children – represented in the family courts.


Kathy started her career as a lawyer at the age of 49. She studied as a mature student and single parent at Osgoode Hall Law School. She was called to the Bar of Ontario after a lifetime of unusual, personal exposure to the judicial system in Canada. Her experiences give her a practical but extraordinary perspective as a family lawyer.


Kathy earned a Juris Doctor degree in 2008 after graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Journalism Degree, where her major was Broadcast, in 2002. She worked as a freelance journalist before becoming a lawyer. She regularly attends professional development programs to enhance her skills and is a new speaker at them, too.


Kathy worked for Pro Bono Students in the Family Law Project for two years as a volunteer student during law school. She helped self-represented litigants prepare emergency motions in the Superior Courts of Justice in Brampton and Toronto. Before becoming a lawyer, Kathy was a successful, self-represented family law litigant who was awarded $50,000 in costs in her own case where the imputation of income of a support payor was the major issue. Kathy articled for a criminal defence firm where she honed her skills at the intersection of family and criminal law.


Kathy spends her spare time engaged in art, film, helping her adult daughter plan her Big Fat Greek wedding, music, sculpture, screenwriting and Jewish genealogy.


To speak with Kathy about how she might assist you with your matter, please contact her Senior Law Clerk, Armando J. Dominguez, at 416-925-2123 or armando@smithenlaw.com.

Armando J. Dominguez (Senior Law Clerk)

Armando J. Dominguez is a Senior Law Clerk who joined the firm in May of 2014. He is a graduate of the Law Clerk Diploma (Honours) program at Humber College. Armando brings over eleven years of dedicated and passionate experience of working exclusively in family law to the firm. He has worked in cases involving collaborative law, mediation, arbitration, litigation and appeals.


Armando has worked on very complex family law cases throughout his career. He assisted in a file where an Anton Pillar Order was obtained as well as others where hidden properties, foreign assets and complex financial statements were involved. He is particularly adept at dealing with the filing intricacies of each court house he deals with as a family law clerk.


Armando oversees all aspects of the firm’s client management, including telephone calls, meetings, drafting, assembling, serving and filing court documents. He enjoys working directly with clients and understands the complex emotions that result from a separation and divorce. Armando strives to remove any intimidation clients may feel about the family law process with his warm and charming personality. His focus is always on assisting the client.


Armando is a native of Venezuela. He and his wife earned law degrees before moving to Canada. He spends all his free time with his wife and two young daughters who are the light of his life. They travel internationally every year. Some of their recent adventures have been to Japan, France, Italy and Spain. Armando loves baseball and is a proud New York Yankees fan.


Armando can be reached at 416-925-2123 or armando@smithenlaw.com

Chloe Turner Bloom (Law Student)

Chloe is a bilingual law student who will bring her persuasive advocacy, negotiating skills and passion for family law and child protection work to the firm in early December 2017. She is a graduate of both McGill University and the University of Exeter, a recognized law school in the United Kingdom. Her law degree at Exeter was accredited in Canada in April 2017.


Chloe has worked in private practice learning about family, immigration and refugee law. She has outstanding research and editing skills. She has worked with lawyers and clients at the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto learning about child protection law in her role as a disclosure worker. She also supervised 30 volunteers at JusticeNet and worked as a Triage Coordinator for Pro Bono Law in the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto. She was a volunteer probation officer, too, working with offenders.


While in law school, Chloe founded Women & Law Exeter which was responsible for drawing attention to the challenges women face in the legal profession for which she was recognized by her peers with a Community Development Award. She was also published in the Exeter Student Law Review.


Chloe holds an Ontario Core French Certificate. She is passionate about long distance running, yoga, tennis, baking and vegetarian cooking.


Chloe can be reached at 416-925-2123 or student@smithenlaw.com.

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